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bala k

euclidean distance of two vectors,

Asked by bala k
on 9 Mar 2011

Euclidean distance of two vector. I have the two image values G=[1x72] and G1 = [1x72]. I need to calculate the two image distance value.



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1 Answer

Answer by Jan Simon
on 9 Mar 2011
 Accepted answer

Do you know the definition of the Euclidean distance?

G  = rand(1, 72);
G2 = rand(1, 72);
D  = sqrt(sum((G - G2) .^ 2));

A more efficient method, but this matters only for much larger vectors:

V = G - G2;
D = sqrt(V * V');

Or a Matlab command:

D = norm(G - G2);

A good ide is to search in the documentation before asking in MATLAB Answers:

docsearch euclidean


on 13 Mar 2013

Do you currently have this project with you? I want to compare two vector which totals 27 feature vectors for each image.

Your reply is greatly appreciated

dali elite
on 16 May 2013

thanks a lot

Jan Simon
on 17 May 2013

@dali elite: Setting a flag is thought for calling the admin, such that they delete improper messages like spam or rudeness.

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