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comparing the values

Asked by FIR on 15 Feb 2012

i have extracted features of 8 images

A=115.9607 118.7609 118.7595 118.7681 118.3420 118.1658 118.0285 118.0862

and one query image from same dataset


now i want to compare these two values A,query ,if the query value is present in A,i want to display the query image ,i used euc distance ,i get error ,please help




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1 Answer

Answer by Andrei Bobrov on 15 Feb 2012

eg: imageCells - cell array contains 8 images (double array)

t = {'descend','ascend'}
imageCells  = arrayfun(@(i1)sort(rand(200,200,3),randi(3),t{randi(2)}),1:8,'un',0)
A=[115.9607 118.7609 118.7595 118.7681 118.3420 118.1658 118.0285 118.0862];
t = abs(A - query) < 100*eps;
if any(t), imshow(imageCells{t}); end


FIR on 15 Feb 2012

Andrei can u please tell what imagecell is ,i did not understand

FIR on 15 Feb 2012

plz can u tell how to form it

Andrei Bobrov on 16 Feb 2012


Andrei Bobrov

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