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error-using cell2mat

Asked by FIR
on 18 Feb 2012
I have co-efficients in W,i want to convert in into matrix,if i use cell2mat(W),i get error as 
Cannot support cell arrays containing cell arrays or objects.
please help
[Faf, Fsf] = FSfarras;
[af, sf] = dualfilt1;
J = 4;
T = 10;
[r c ]=size(x)
W = dualtree2D(x,J,Faf,af);


Already discussed in threads in your "kash" account.

on 18 Feb 2012

But walter as u said

f all the dimensions are not equal, then you will need to specify the output format you want.

If all the dimensions are equal at all levels, start at the innermost cell and cell2mat that, and having done that for all of the cells, go up one level and cell2mat _that_ and do that for all the cells at that level... then go to the level above and cell2mat again... and keep going until you end up with just a matrix.

please tell how to perform it ,



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