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changing the values

Asked by FIR on 25 Feb 2012
Latest activity Edited by Azzi Abdelmalek on 25 Oct 2013

i have values in

r as

'<=50k' '>50k' '>50k' ; ;

; '>50k'

now i want to replace these values

>50k as 1

<=50 as 0

please help

i read those values from excel sheet

[d r]=xlsread('mydata.xls');in whicg i got those values in r





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1 Answer

Answer by Andrei Bobrov on 25 Feb 2012
Accepted answer

in this case

r = {'<=50k' '>50k' '>50k' '>50k'}
[a n n] = unique(r)
k = {0,1}
rnew = k(n)


rnew = cellfun(@(x)x-'0',regexprep(r,{'<=50k' ,   '>50k'},{'0','1'}))

on FIR comment: try

rnew = regexprep(r,{'<=50k' ,   '>50k'},{'0','1'})

on Pat comment

r = {'<=50k' '>50k' '>50k' '>50k' 'fg' ''}
rnew = regexprep(r, {'<=50k', '>50k'}, {'0', '1'})
t = ismember(rnew, {'0', '1'})
rnew(t) = cellfun(@(x)x-'0', rnew(t), 'un', 0)


FIR on 25 Feb 2012

Andrei error in both

in first i get values more than 1

and in second is get error aS

Error using ==> cellfun
Non-scalar in Uniform output, at index 1, output 1.
Set 'UniformOutput' to false.

Pat on 25 Feb 2012

it works,but i want that single quotes to be removed for further processing

Andrei Bobrov

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