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plotting circles

Asked by Yasmine Tamimi on 12 Mar 2011
Latest activity Commented on by Image Analyst
on 14 Apr 2016

How can I plot circles, same radius and different centers, all in one graph. I used the following command to draw +,o,diamond: plot (x,y,'ro',u,v,'gd',A,B,'b+'); where x,y,u,v,A,B are all row vectors. And I want to add circles to that plot where the o will be the center.


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Answer by Paulo Silva
on 12 Mar 2011
 Accepted answer

Here's a function to draw circles:

function circle(x,y,r)
%x and y are the coordinates of the center of the circle
%r is the radius of the circle
%0.01 is the angle step, bigger values will draw the circle faster but
%you might notice imperfections (not very smooth)

If you want to add circles you must insert the command

hold on

before the circles being added.

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on 29 Dec 2014

That's awesome

Answer by Michelle Hirsch
on 29 Jan 2016

It's counter-intuitive, but this is actually really easy with the rectangle function. From the rectangle documentation :

   pos = [2 4 2 2];
   rectangle('Position',pos,'Curvature',[1 1])
   axis equal


And with R2012a and later you can use viscircles

Thanks very much Michelle. Your idea made beautiful concentric circles. viscircles didn't work on my computer because I have version R2011a.

rectangle() is one of several methods listed in the FAQ:> You'll have lots of other nice improvements that they've made over the last 5 years if you upgrade.

Answer by Image Analyst
on 5 Jul 2012


Answer by Chad Greene
on 21 Aug 2014

This'll do the job.


Answer by Image Analyst
on 20 Jan 2016


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