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Mohamed Dahy

Stepper Motor Simulation Model request ...

Asked by Mohamed Dahy
on 13 Mar 2011

I need a simulation model for a bipolar 2-phase permanent magnet stepper motor and the pulse generator model for the motor ..

this link include the last model I reached but it has some problems , also you will find the paper whice I used to make this model..




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Answer by Arnaud Miege
on 14 Mar 2011
 Accepted answer

You don't say what the problems are with your model. Also, have you looked at the Stepper Motor and Stepper Motor Driver from SimElectronics?




Model after editing and stepper parameters

Arnaud Miege
on 21 Mar 2011

I am not sure I understand what your problem is. Your model appears to run OK. I cannot comment on whether it gives the results you expect or not. I did notice though a 'sin(2*u+90)' block, where I think the input is in radians. If that's the case, then it should be 'sin(2*u+pi/2)', provided the formula is correct. If you want to use the stepper motor from SimElectronics, have a look at the shipping demo elec_controlled_stepper.mdl. If this doesn't meet your requirements, you can always use the Simscape language to create your own stepper motor model.

thanx Mr.Miege for your time ,
my prolems had been solved .

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