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mkdir and the matlab compiler

Asked by Mike
on 6 Mar 2012

Hi, I'm having a problem getting the compiled version of my code to make a new directory - I use mkdir and it works great in the m-file, but I get nothing out of the compiled version. I found on thread suggested adding this statement in files related, but it doesn't seem to do anything and I likely don't understand how to use it.

*%#function mkdir * 

The code compiles and creates the excel datafile, but not the directory or creates the file in the directory..

Here is a snippet of my code -

measurementTitle = 'Test-title';
good_iteration_name = sprintf(char(cat(2,measurementTitle,char(datestr(now,30)))));
% Create a new directory to store the data into and at the end cd back to "root". "Ant_serial_num2" is the "measurement title" in the GUI.
dataDir = sprintf(char(good_iteration_name));
  comments = [comments,' ', num2str(operatingFreq) 'Hz']
%        eval(['mkdir ' dataDir])
          %eval(['cd ' dataDir])
characterizationVoltages = [voltageSet' chan1' chan2'];
characterizationVoltages = num2cell(characterizationVoltages);
  dataVoltages = sprintf(char(cat(2,good_iteration_name,'_charVoltages','.xlsx')));
saveAsFN = dataVoltages; %
%format for xlswrite2- Data, tab name, column names, filename.
headerTemp = sprintf('Voltage %s', voltageSetTo);
colNames = {'DAQ Voltage Setting','VPP-Current', 'VPP-DrvOut',comments};
          % subjectTemperatures also contains oscope voltages.
xlswrite2(characterizationVoltages, headerTemp, colNames,dataVoltages);
cd ..


on 6 Mar 2012

You cannot use the %#function pragma to refer to functions that are not available in MATLAB code.... ok, so mkdir is out I guess.

I'm using win7, 2011b, 64bit.

on 6 Mar 2012


why are you using eval?

eval(['mkdir ' dataDir])

You can use the function syntax of mkdir


In addition you use CD, dont do that. It will most likely result in same strange errors:

on 6 Mar 2012

Hi Friedrich,
I have used both, I tried eval(['mkdir ' dataDir]) to see if the compiler would handle it better. Actually cd works fine with the compiler-compiled version. The cd.. drops me from the compiled directory to the one below it. It would probably cd me into the new directory also if I could create the new directory.


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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 6 Mar 2012

The first thing I would suspect is that the problem is that you have no idea what directory you are starting in at the time you try to 'mkdir' . You cannot just mkdir() starting from a random place.

The link Friedrich provided should help clarify matters.


on 7 Mar 2012

another key is the environment variable, set CTF_CACHE_ROOT=c:temp (no spaces around the '=')or where ever instead of the default obscure location. That is where my files and folder were created.

Image Analyst
on 7 Mar 2012

Put this line in your code
and see what it spits out to the console window. Chances are Windows 7 is not allowing your program to make a folder in that folder. Even in folders under c:\Users, you can't always put files and folder just any old place - there are rules. You'd probably be better off specifying where you want files and folder created explicitly rather than using relative paths which could be who-knows-where.

on 7 Mar 2012

Good points. It was actually creating them, I just didn't know where and it was confusing because it seemed to create 2 data files, one in the new directory created in the user\temp\oscure named location, but another in \documents.

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