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Reset Button Gui

Asked by Melvin
on 8 Mar 2012
Latest activity Commented on by yogesh jain
on 8 Mar 2016

Hi everyone. What code should I put under a push button if I want to reset the inputs and outputs presented on the GUI to its most initial state? Thank you. :)




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2 Answers

Answer by Sermed
on 13 Mar 2012

Hi Melvin The way I do it is: Under the callback function of the reset push button write: set(handles.edit1, 'value', 0)set(handles.edit2, 'string', 'default') ...... this will solve the problem if you have a limited nr of input parameters. Their might be some other smarter methodes :o)


Answer by Aldin
on 13 Mar 2012

You can try this code: Callback for your RESET BUTTON: set(handles.edit1,'String','') ('' - is empty String)


on 10 May 2013


what about if i want to make the axis empty?

axes(handles.axes1); cla;

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