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Determining the second last row

Asked by John
on 16 Mar 2012

Hi there,

How would you code the number of rows minus one? Below I use size() to find the number of rows, but I want to set nrows to the number or rows minus 1.

Many thanks

sch_cycle=xlsread('C:\Autonomie practice\cycle.xls','Input_data');
nrows = size(sch_cycle,1);




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2 Answers

Answer by Jonathan Sullivan on 16 Mar 2012
 Accepted answer

sch_cycle=xlsread('C:\Autonomie practice\cycle.xls','Input_data');
nrows = size(sch_cycle,1)-1;


Answer by Dr. Seis
on 16 Mar 2012

If you mean you want to set "sch_cycle" to have nrows - 1, then no need to actually determine "nrows" beforehand (just use "end"):

sch_cycle = sch_cycle(1:end-1,:);

You can setup an "if" statement in order to make sure "nrows" is greater than 1.


or you could use max:


Dr. Seis
on 16 Mar 2012

Looks like "end" will still work there, too:

sch_cycle(1:max(1,end-1),:); % For all rows except last row

sch_cycle(max(1,end-1),:); % For just second to last row

on 16 Mar 2012

Thanks for all the suggestions guys.

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