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loop through files not working correctly.

Asked by John
on 18 Mar 2012


I'm trying to convert .xls files in a folder into .mat files, but the code is not looping through the files correctly.

The .xls files are called cycle1, cycle2, cycle3...etc and they all have different numbers of rows.

sch_cycle and nrows are not changing for each file. It creates all the .mat files but they are all the same corresponding to cycle1.xls.

Could anybody tell me what is going wrong?

Sincere thanks


x = cellstr(ls('*.xls'));
for k = 1:length(x)
sch_cycle=xlsread('C:\Autonomie practice\cycle1.xls','Input_data');
nrows = size(sch_cycle,1)-1;
sch_grade=[0 0;nrows 0];
sch_key_on=[0 1; nrows 1];
[~,fn] = fileparts(x{k}); = fn;



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1 Answer

Answer by David Young
on 18 Mar 2012
 Accepted answer

Your code reads cycle1.xls every time it starts the loop. It needs to read each file in turn - probably like this:

sch_cycle = xlsread(x{k}, 'Input_data');

since the call to ls suggests that you expect to be working in the directory with the .xls files.

  1 Comment

on 18 Mar 2012

Oh, I should of realized that! Thanks

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