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Asked by Dhaval Gondaliya on 20 Mar 2012

I am doing a project on the speech recognition for home automation but i can not find the code to convert the speech into the text and also i can not justify that what is spoken in the speech? so please any one can help me?

I have some code to distinguish the speech but it does not work for different speeches.

If you have that code then please send me .

My email id


Yes i have download these files but it seems that i need more help to get output ani more help please..

Please be more specific about the difficulty you are encountering.

1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 20 Mar 2012
 Accepted answer


Thanks for give your suggestion.

on 23 Jan 2013

Hi Image analyst I have seen these links but in the second link can you tell me how exactly to work with code.

The company sells the source code for about Eur 30.

I would not think it especially likely that Image Analyst has paid the company for the source to a speech project... not his line of work.

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