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Asked by Dhaval Gondaliya on 20 Mar 2012
Latest activity Commented on by mani kandan
on 1 Mar 2016

I am doing a project on the speech recognition for home automation but i can not find the code to convert the speech into the text and also i can not justify that what is spoken in the speech? so please any one can help me?

I have some code to distinguish the speech but it does not work for different speeches.

If you have that code then please send me .

My email id


Yes i have download these files but it seems that i need more help to get output ani more help please..

Please be more specific about the difficulty you are encountering.

please send speech to txet matlab this is my mail id ... pleace help me sir

2 Answers

Answer by Image Analyst
on 20 Mar 2012
 Accepted answer


Thanks for give your suggestion.

on 23 Jan 2013

Hi Image analyst I have seen these links but in the second link can you tell me how exactly to work with code.

The company sells the source code for about Eur 30.

I would not think it especially likely that Image Analyst has paid the company for the source to a speech project... not his line of work.

Answer by mani kandan
on 1 Mar 2016

Sir i am manikandan i have project in matlab speech to text.. plz send speech to text matlab code or how to get speech to text matlab code.... this is my mail is


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