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Re-formulate the image into a vector of zeros and ones.

Asked by kush
on 23 Mar 2012

i am working on a project of image processing & i need to convert an image into vector of 0 & this each pixel needs to be replaced by its binary equivalent

if anyone knows plz help


2 Answers

Answer by Matt Kindig
on 23 Mar 2012

If your image is an indexed or grayscale image, it is just a matter of comparing the image to a pre-defined threshold. You will need to adjust this threshold based on which features of the image you want to be a 1.

threshold = 0.5;  %or some other threshold
BW = (myImage >= threshold);   %this will be a matrix of ones and zeros.

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on 23 Mar 2012

thank u

Answer by faraz.a
on 25 May 2013

can you please tell me how to convert binary image in to 0's and 1's matrix were 0 is white pixel and 1 is a black pixel. i need the code for that

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Did you see Matt's answer above?

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