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Asked by parul
on 24 Mar 2012

How to merge the r,g and b components to get a single rgb image in matlab???




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3 Answers

Answer by Jan Simon
on 24 Mar 2012
 Accepted answer

r = rand(20, 30);
g = rand(20, 30);
b = rand(20, 30);
rgb = cat(3, r, g, b);

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on 27 Mar 2012

Actually the thing is that we have r an b components of same dimension i.e. 148*114*3 but the g component is having 148*114 dimension.So,if we are adjusting its dimension,and then merging using the "cat" command,then we are getting a complete gray image.What to do in this case??

hi jan, r = rand(20, 30); g = rand(20, 30); b = rand(20, 30); rgb = [r, g, b]; imshow(rgb)

 thats my code.. could you explain me whats the different between your code and mine. I am getting gray image as output. But,you are getting colored one. could you explain this technically. why i am not getting color image even though i concatenated those three basic colors.

Regards, Siva


If you get pure gray it might be because your R G and B images are identical or close to identical?

Jan Simon
on 24 Mar 2012

[r,g,b] is equivalent to cat(2, r, g, b): It concatenates along the 2nd dimension. Try it with smaller values to keep the overview:
r=[1,2;3,4]; g=r+5; b=g+5;
disp(cat(3, r, g, b))
The concatenation along the 2nd dimension creates a 2D matrix of type double, which is displayed as grey scale image.

Thanks Jan and Bjorn


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