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dee koshy

I need to perform feature extraction in a fingerprint image using matlab.Any help?

Asked by dee koshy
on 24 Mar 2012

I have done pre processing of the fingerprint,and obtained upto the thinned image(each ridge is 1 pixel think).The crossing number algorithm for identifying ridge endings and bifurications is what I am aiming at,but I havent had any progress with my code.

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on 25 Apr 2013

I am doing some fingerprint analysis work and I was wondering what all do you do in the pre-processing phase? I came across a paper that does deletion of filling holes, redundant points, deleting noisy points, and filling in potential missing points. Unfortunately it doesn't go into any details code-wise. As such, I was hoping to find code for this and/or more detailed explanation on this phase.

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Hi deepthi, I think you can try to find the orientations

Regards, Siva


Answer by dee koshy
on 24 Mar 2012

I have to analyse the image to find 'crossing' number in order to locate the ridge endings and bifurications.But i cant figure out how the data is to be saved after the analysis.I mean,are the locations supposed to be saved as coordinates or what?


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