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speech processing

Hi, Could anyone of you tell me the lists of products that can be developed using speech processing. Can we design any product using MATLAB. If yes, whats the outline of workflow.,

Regards, Siva,



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2 Answers

Answer by Wayne King

Wayne King (view profile)

on 24 Mar 2012
Accepted answer

I think Signal Processing Toolbox, DSP System Toolbox, and Statistics Toolbox would be sufficient. Depending on how much code you want to write yourself, all 3 may not be necessary, but I think they're certainly sufficient.


Wayne King

Wayne King (view profile)

Hi Wayne, Thanks for spending your time and answering my query. I am really excited to work with MATLAB to remove noise. Even I have a code which could produce tune of mario game as the output. Now I am planning to design any product in speech processing using MATLAB. But i dono the workflow. After getting simulated by MATLAB, i would like to know the next procedure involved to design a product.

Regards, siva


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