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To measure time for sudden change in waveform

Asked by Muruganandham Subramanian on 26 Mar 2012

Hi friends,

I am doing the fault location using wavelets. For that, am having two waveforms (aerial mode voltage(Va) & ground voltage (Vo)).

If, am creating fault,@0.5s, I need to find out the disturbance time of both waveforms, bcos both waveforms will take some time to respond.


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For e.g. If i take sine wave input (it may have some small disturbance), after creating the fault @0.5s,that waveform will be more distorted than normal,that particular time i need to measure precisecly.


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1 Answer

Answer by Wayne King
on 26 Mar 2012

For this, you will want to use either the continuous wavelet transform (cwt or cwtft), or a nondecimated wavelet transform (ndwt, or swt).


First of all,

Thanks for ur reply wayne. Any of the wavelets method is ok for me.

Wayne King
on 26 Mar 2012

Then feel free to use any of those methods, see the documentation for examples. You should be able to localize the disturbances at small (fine) scales.

@wayne: Can u give some links for this.

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