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How did you learn Simulink?

Asked by K E on 26 Mar 2012

Once upon a time you struggled to use Simulink; now you can put together a sensible model without much thought on the implementation. What was most helpful for mastering Simulink? Favorite books, Mathworks training, Mathwork's demos or webinars, cranking through modeling problems for work/class, a smart coworker, or...? How many years did it take before you felt comfortable using Simulink?


Walter Roberson on 26 Mar 2012

I can't get _anything_ in Simulink to work!

Maybe some day I'll have access to a Simulink license...

K E on 26 Mar 2012

Walter, if you cannot get Simulink to work, I am afraid for my own prospects.

Walter Roberson on 26 Mar 2012

We happen to fall in to the full-price category, so we simply never had the money for Simulink or any of the cool toolboxes.



2 Answers

Answer by TAB on 27 Mar 2012

How did you learn Simulink?

1% From Work

99% From Simulink documentation and Practice...Practice...Practice.....

What was most helpful for mastering Simulink?

The documentation provided with simulink itself is sufficient for learning it to extreme level. I have not found any good book on simulink.

1 Comment

K E on 27 Mar 2012

Yes, I think the world needs a Simulink version of the books 'Mastering Matlab' and 'Elements of Matlab Style'.

Answer by K E on 2 Apr 2012

As a beginner, here are the resources that I have found useful in order of utility or my knowledge level:

  1. Following a RSS feed of Answers with tag:Simulink; posting questions when stuck
  2. Downloading the PDF version of Simulink manuals and annotating using Acrobat's typewriter tool
  3. Reading archive of Guy and Seth's Simulink blog
  4. Attending a free Simulink training class offered in my area
  5. Emailing Tech Support for questions specific to my model (requiring mdl file)
  6. Mathworks' Simulink tutorial, videos, pre-recorded webinars, and notes
  7. Tutorials from Phil Goddard
  8. Reading an overview of best practices (can make aspects of an existing model comply using this tool)



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