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How did you learn Simulink?

Asked by K E
on 26 Mar 2012

Once upon a time you struggled to use Simulink; now you can put together a sensible model without much thought on the implementation. What was most helpful for mastering Simulink? Favorite books, Mathworks training, Mathwork's demos or webinars, cranking through modeling problems for work/class, a smart coworker, or...? How many years did it take before you felt comfortable using Simulink?


I can't get _anything_ in Simulink to work!

Maybe some day I'll have access to a Simulink license...

on 26 Mar 2012

Walter, if you cannot get Simulink to work, I am afraid for my own prospects.

We happen to fall in to the full-price category, so we simply never had the money for Simulink or any of the cool toolboxes.


2 Answers

Answer by K E
on 2 Apr 2012

As a beginner, here are the resources that I have found useful in order of utility or my knowledge level:

  1. Following a RSS feed of Answers with tag:Simulink; posting questions when stuck
  2. Downloading the PDF version of Simulink manuals and annotating using Acrobat's typewriter tool
  3. Reading archive of Guy and Seth's Simulink blog
  4. Attending a free Simulink training class offered in my area
  5. Emailing Tech Support for questions specific to my model (requiring mdl file)
  6. Mathworks' Simulink tutorial, videos, pre-recorded webinars, and notes
  7. Tutorials from Phil Goddard
  8. Reading an overview of best practices (can make aspects of an existing model comply using this tool)


Answer by TAB
on 27 Mar 2012

How did you learn Simulink?

1% From Work

99% From Simulink documentation and Practice...Practice...Practice.....

What was most helpful for mastering Simulink?

The documentation provided with simulink itself is sufficient for learning it to extreme level. I have not found any good book on simulink.

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on 27 Mar 2012

Yes, I think the world needs a Simulink version of the books 'Mastering Matlab' and 'Elements of Matlab Style'.

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