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MATLAB crash

Sometimes, I will get a warning in MATLAB command window as it is going to get crash the software as well crash the system also. i will get errors like.. Maximum limit reached..

Can anyone explain about this concept. Why it occurs. what will happen if it gets crashed. 
 In what way it will affect the system




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4 Answers

Answer by Image Analyst
on 30 Mar 2012

If it's a true crash (like you get a popup window when you restart MATLAB asking you to send the crash dump to the Mathworks) then call the Mathworks. If it's simply an error in your program that caused your program to quit but MATLAB is still up and running and you can re-run your program without totally shutting down MATLAB, then you need to copy and paste the red text that appeared in the command window here so we can see it, along with the lines of code that caused the error (they're mentioned by line number in the red error text).


Thanks for your reply.

 Does giving more input data is related to RAM of pc.
 I have a call a document, which has alphabets alone.e.g,. ATCGCGAT..
Now, I have to segment those alphabets as ATCG CGAT .... These alphabets are available in word document. I have copied all those alphabets in a text document and will access in MATLAB.
 Now, my word document file memory size is 234 MB. Even it takes much time to work. Is it possible to work with more data. I am also getting the error as dimensions exceed.




Answer by Geoff
on 30 Mar 2012

Maximum limit of what? Memory? What are you doing with MatLab at the time it crashes? If your whole system crashes, the effect will generally depend on what processes were doing something with your disk at the time. If it's just MatLab that crashes (but your system stays alive) I wouldn't expect any problems. What operating system are you running?

Requesting too much memory can sometimes bring down a system. You can't always catch it and show an error. If your whole system is crashing, it could related to memory (either a bad stick of RAM, or not enough of it). Just a wee story/rant for you:

I used to have issues with my cricket ball tracker which had a 20-gigabyte frame buffer (to hold 45 seconds of video!)... Occasionally the software would crash and we had to monitor system resources to wait up to a minute for the OS to actually release the memory (even though our process was no longer in the task list). If we ran the program again before that, it would try to allocate 20 gigs of RAM, the operating system would say yes, and then immediately blue-screen! We'd go off-air for about 5-10 minutes for reboot and reinitialisation, and when we came back the system would perform poorly for the next 6 hours while it rebuilt the RAID array! =)


Thanks Geoff..

Hope you gone through my doubt related to giving input data of more memory. Can we give input text document of more datas in it. The word document memory is 234 MB.


on 30 Mar 2012

It's not so much how big your data set is... It's how big the intermediate matrices are when you process that data. Whether you are careful to free variables that are no longer used before you do a big operation, etc... 200MB doesn't seem like much, but we don't know how much RAM you have. Type 'memory' into the command window and press Enter. Paste your results here. Tell us what you are doing with your dataset just before crash (surely not simply reading it in?)

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