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existence of structure without the use of eval

Asked by Adrian Dronca on 5 Apr 2012


I`m trying to see if a structure exists or not in the workspace (i`m checking the structure if it exists in another structure), the name of the structure can be dynamically changed so i used eval.


- The problem is that the model updates and compiles when the script hits that line and that is something I don't want.

How can i do this without making the model update ?



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1 Answer

Answer by Oleg Komarov
on 5 Apr 2012

have you tried exist cobined with isstruct?


I have the same problem and i know why, i`m trying to save some variables in a structure which has the same name as the model.

Then when eval is called it`s trying to evaluate the model.

I will change the way i save the structure if i don't find another way.

Or change the name of it, rather than the way you save it.

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