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huda nawaf

problem in display of sequences

Asked by huda nawaf
on 8 Apr 2012
This question is closed and may reopen in the future if edited.

hi, i want alignment two sequences using Needleman, but i faced this problem.

the result be:

{1x1 cell}{1x1 cell} {1x1 cell} - {1x1 cell} {1x1 cell}

   -      {1x1 cell} {1x1 cell}{1x1 cell} {1x1 cell} {1x1 cell}    

where it must be as:

'?RKG'  'RCRE'  '?RFI'   -       '???Q'   'AGQI' 
   -    'RCRE'  '?RFI' 'AGOI'    'GGAR'   ' CVC' 

%%%%%%%%%this is code%%%%%%%%%


for i=1:2

    k=1; for j=1:p(i);
   if z(k1)~=0
        x{i,k}=z(k1:k1+3); k=k+1;k1=k1+4; end;end
%%%%%%% after read file in x, x will be as follow:
%    '?RKG'    'RCRE'    '?RFI'    '???Q'   'AGQI' 'ZXC'
 %   'RCRE'    '?RFI'    'AGOI'    'GGAR'   ' CVC' 'LKJ' 

g = -1; %the score of an insertion/deletion

 M = 5; N =4; F = zeros(M+1, N+1); I = zeros(M+1, N+1);

for i = 2:M+1

   F(i,1) = (i-1)*g;    I(i,1) = 1; %I:vertical
for j = 2:N+1
   F(1,j) = (j-1)*g;   I(1,j) = 3; %I:horizontal

for i = 2:M+1

   for j = 2:N+1
      if strcmp(x(1,i-1),x(2,j-1))
         w(i,j) = 1;
         w(i,j) = -1;
[F(i,j) I(i,j)] = max([ F(i-1,j)+g  F(i-1,j-1)+w(i,j)  F(i,j-1)+g]);
xrev={};  yrev={};

k = 0;score=0; %note i = M+1, j = N+1

while I(i,j) > 0

   k = k+1;   if I(i,j) == 1;
i = i-1; xrev{k} = x(1,i); yrev{k} = '-'; score=score-1;
   elseif I(i,j) == 2
      i = i-1; j = j-1; xrev{k} = x(1,i); yrev{k} = x(2,j);
      if strcmp(x(1,i),x(2,j))
          score=score-1; end
 j = j-1;  xrev{k} = '-'; yrev{k} = x(2,j); score=score-1;

%reverse arrays for proper display

K = length(xrev);

for k = 1:K

   xalign{k} = xrev{K-k+1};   yalign{k} = yrev{K-k+1};end
 disp(yalign); disp(yalign);


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Walter Roberson
on 8 Apr 2012

Huda, you have been posting questions for many months now. Please learn how to format your questions to be more readable.



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