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edit-error in classifier

Asked by FIR
on 12 Apr 2012
Accepted Answer by Ilya

I have a code

    y = species;
    X = meas;
    cp = cvpartition(y,'k',10); % Stratified cross-validation
    classf = TreeBagger(10,meas,species,'oobpred','on'); 
    cvMCR = crossval('mcr',X,y,'predfun',classf,'partition',cp)

i get error as

    Undefined function 'func2str' for input arguments of type 'TreeBagger'.
    Error in crossval>evalFun (line 465)
            error(message('stats:crossval:FunError', func2str( fun ), ME.message));




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2 Answers

Answer by Ilya
on 12 Apr 2012
 Accepted answer


In particular, 2nd example for crossval here shows what you need to do. You would need to replace the function handle classf in that example with a function which has two lines of code in it: 1) Train a TreeBagger on Xtrain and Ytrain, and 2) Predict labels for Xtest using the trained TreeBagger.


Answer by Walter Roberson
on 12 Apr 2012

The 'predfun' parameter expects a function handle as the associated value. Instead you passed in a TreeBagger object.

  1 Comment

on 12 Apr 2012

walter can u please tell what to pass

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