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Rahul Singh

Prime number or its nearest prime numbers

Asked by Rahul Singh
on 13 Apr 2012

anyone please tell me in matlab how to write a function to find prime number of any number if it is not prime number then function show its nearest prime numbers... let take example ...take number 9 we know it is not prime then the program will show its nearest prime like 7 and 11..


on 13 Apr 2012

if this is homework, can you show, what you have done so far?

Jan Simon
on 13 Apr 2012

What have you tried so far and which problem occurred?


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2 Answers

Answer by Andrei Bobrov
on 13 Apr 2012
 Accepted answer

input x

x = 24;


X = [x x];
out = zeros(1,2);
while 1
   t = isprime(X);
   if all(t)
       out = X;
   elseif any(t)
       out(t) = X(t);
       t1 = ~t;
       X(t1) = X(t1) - sum([1 -1].*t1);
       X = X - [1 -1];
out = unique(X)


Jan Simon
on 13 Apr 2012

I assume, this is the solution of Rahul's homework, Andrei.

Rahul Singh
on 14 Apr 2012

thanks Andrei Bobrov........i think this is useful answer for me............

Answer by Sean de Wolski
on 13 Apr 2012

isprime() will be your friend.


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