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Lagrange Multipliers

Asked by Dhurgham Kadhim on 15 Apr 2012

Use the Lagrange mulipliers to find the points on the parabola y=x^2+2x which are the closest to the point(-1,0).

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Walter Roberson on 15 Apr 2012

Dhurgham Kadhim


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2 Answers

Answer by bym on 16 Apr 2012
Accepted answer

here is a nudge to solving your problem

syms x y L
d = ???                   % for you to fill out; distance from (-1,0)
g = d+L*(x^2+2*x-y)       % constraint for given parabola
% additional operations here

show some effort, and some additional help may be forthcoming

1 Comment

Dhurgham Kadhim on 17 Apr 2012

Thanks, that helped

Answer by Richard Brown on 15 Apr 2012

This is not a Matlab question, it's a calculus homework problem. Define a function f(x,y) that you want to minimise, a constraint c(x,y) = 0, and then solve c(x,y) = 0, together with

grad f = lambda grad c

for x, y, and lambda.


Dhurgham Kadhim on 16 Apr 2012

It is calculus and matlab as well.

Richard Brown on 16 Apr 2012

It's pretty straightforward to solve by hand - I recommend you do it that way, you'll learn more if you do.

Richard Brown

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