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sine wave plot

Asked by aaa
on 24 Apr 2012
Latest activity Answered by omphile hahilton on 3 Mar 2015


I am having some trouble plotting a sine wave and i'm not sure where i am going wrong.

i have

t = [0:0.1:2*pi]
a = sin(t);

this works by itself, but i want to be able to change the frequency. When i run the same code but make the change

a = sin(2*pi*60*t)

the code returns something bad. What am i doing wrong? How can i generate a sin wave with different frequencies?



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2 Answers

Answer by Rick Rosson
on 24 Apr 2012
 Accepted answer

Please try:

   %% Time specifications:
   Fs = 8000;                   % samples per second
   dt = 1/Fs;                   % seconds per sample
   StopTime = 0.25;             % seconds
   t = (0:dt:StopTime-dt)';     % seconds
   %% Sine wave:
   Fc = 60;                     % hertz
   x = cos(2*pi*Fc*t);
   % Plot the signal versus time:
   xlabel('time (in seconds)');
   title('Signal versus Time');
   zoom xon;



  1 Comment

on 14 Mar 2013

Thanks for your reply & detailed answer.

Answer by omphile hahilton on 3 Mar 2015

I would like to generate the product of 2 sine waves at frequencies 697Hz and 1209Hz and sample them and then generate the spectrum of the signal. then play the sine wave through my soundcard speakers help me..........thanks in advanced


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