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huda nawaf

read txt file instead of dlmread

Asked by huda nawaf
on 1 May 2012

hi, are there other way instead of dlmread read txt file has non equal rows?

I deal with very big size txt file . for example , i want read txt file with 17000 rows and different no. of columns . when used dlmread , i have to wait very long time to get data

thanks in advance




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2 Answers

Answer by Daniel Shub
on 1 May 2012
 Accepted answer

doc textscan


i can not use textscan, may the no. of columns more than 100

Suggests using textscan for both large and non rectangular text files. I do not believe that 17,000 rows or 100 columns should be any problem at all for textscan.

If you follow the documentation for using lower level file i/o also.

Answer by tlawren
on 1 May 2012

On average, how many columns are there? Or, better yet, what is the maximum number of columns you might expect in your data? I can quickly load text files with 100k rows and in upwards of 100 columns on my machine. But then again, that may be small compared to what you are dealing with. If you are working on the same files over and over, it might be worthwhile to spend some time formatting and re-saving your data in form that is easier to handle.

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i can not guesses, i get if from other process

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