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Specifying range of data from a plot??

Asked by Clifford Shelton on 8 May 2012

This is my plot:


I understand the above code...but now I want to know the values of x when it has a specific relation to y.

How would I code that I want to know the values for x when y is equal or greater to a new variable n?

Something like: xSelect = get(lh,'xdata' if y>=n) ???? not sure how to code what I want.

Thanks for the help!



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1 Answer

Answer by Rick Rosson
on 8 May 2012
 Accepted answer

   xSelect = x(y>=n);


so simple! Thanks! I'm such a beginner it's embarrasing!

Rick Rosson
on 8 May 2012

No need to be embarrassed. MATLAB is a very compact and powerful language; the initial learning curve can be challenging if you are used to working with traditional languages like C or Fortran.

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