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per isakson

Get available memory from Windows 7 64bits - and fast

Asked by per isakson
on 23 May 2012

Background: I run performance test on reading HDF5-files. The spread in the results are large and I cannot understand why. Now, I try to figure out if HDF5 has a huge hidden cache in memory. Slow reading is correlated with low cpu load and vice versa. Now I plot "memory use" during reading together with other quantities. I guess I cannot read "disk access intensity".

Execution of the function, memory, takes 0.04 seconds per call.

    [ ~, system_view ]  = memory;
    timing( 5, jj )     = system_view.PhysicalMemory.Available;

Making a DOS-call to systeminfo is also slow.

Question: Is there a fast way to get "current memory use" by both Matlab and HDF5?


1 Answer

Answer by Sean de Wolski
on 23 May 2012
 Accepted answer




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