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pouya jamali

Running simmechanics in discerete mode

Asked by pouya jamali
on 29 May 2012
Latest activity Commented on by nivethitha p
on 12 Jun 2015

Is it possible to simulate a Simmechanics model in discrete mode?I tried to do that but Simulink showe me an error that there is a continues state in the block diagram but there isn't! What is the problem?Any one has any idea?


By "discrete mode", do you mean that you selected a Discrete Solver? Also, please paste the *exact* error message that you receive.

Yeah! The error message is : The "FixedStepDiscrete" solver cannot be used to simulate block diagram 'piddiscrete' because it contains continuous states
thanks for your support

1 Answer

Answer by Guy Rouleau
on 29 May 2012
 Accepted answer

SimMechanics requires a continuous solver. The solver can be variable or fixed step.

The fixed-step solver closest to discrete is ODE1. Since it has no minor time steps, it is almost equivalent.

If this does not do the job for your application, please let us know why.


Do you mean that system response using the ODE1 and the discrete are the same?
thanks dear

on 31 Mar 2015

Hello Mr. Rouleau, I have the same problem, and i get the same error (The "FixedStepDiscrete" solver cannot be used to simulate block diagram 'piddiscrete' because it contains continuous states), for all the types of solver. what should i change, either the solver or some other settings?

hello anbu even i have got the same problem as like u... no solver type is working in my model... what should i do? did u get the answer for that? kindly reply me

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