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C Zeng

About function definition

Asked by C Zeng
on 31 May 2012

Hi, I want to define a function like:

function [V_max, a_max, runtime]=V(a,b,c)

If I write [x,y,z]=V(a,b,c) it will show three results.

If I write [x,y]=V(a,b,c), will it automatically show the first two results-V_max and a_max?

If [x]=V(a,b,c), will it show only V_max?

I just want to make sure whether it is defined as a convention. Thanks.




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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 31 May 2012
 Accepted answer

That happens automatically with a normal function definition.

  1 Comment

C Zeng
on 5 Jun 2012


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