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engineer bsc

How do to FFT Analysis to EEG signals Using Matlab

Asked by engineer bsc
on 31 May 2012

Hi guys,

I'm looking for FFT analysis to EEG signals in matlab.

I explain myself :

I receive a signal in the time domain , let's assume x(t), it is known signal with known sleep stage. (the PC provides this signals randomly ).

I'm looking for an existing code in matlab that FFT analyze this x(t) ,computes its frequencies and amplitudes and plot the relevant sleep stage accordingly

can you suggest for this code ? or guide me, how can i write this code correctly ?

hope that i explained myself clear enough

Thanks allot .



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1 Answer

Answer by Rick Rosson
on 1 Jun 2012
 Accepted answer

Please try:

   >> doc fft
   >> doc fftshift

These commands will open the documentation for these two functions. After you have read it, please try to write some code, and see what happens. Then ask additional questions if you need more help.

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engineer bsc
on 1 Jun 2012

Rick Rosson,

Thank you very much, I'm apologize for the ignorance with regard to matlab,i trying to learn this by myself.

i will look at the documentation,and try to write appropriate code for my issue.

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