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Valentina Watts

Why is batch job status' stays "queued"?

Asked by Valentina Watts
on 19 Jun 2012
Latest activity Commented on by David
on 7 Nov 2014

After I activate parallel processing with

>> matlabpool open

I submit a batch job as follows

>> j1 = batch('myscript')

Consequently, as I check the j1 structure, the status field shows "queued" and that does not change. I have run "myscript" directly without any problems. I have a four-core processor multithreaded to 8 processors. The script runs a loop that calculates values and outputs them in files. I have tried various fomulatins of matlabpool and batch with no improvement. I have restarted Matlab and even rebooted the computer.

I am looking for a way to run this script via batch to take advantage of the parallel processing and to run the jobs in the background.


2 Answers

Answer by Jill Reese
on 19 Jun 2012
 Accepted answer

The interactive matlabpool that you explicitly opened is using all of your resources. Therefore, when you submit a batch job it is waiting in the queue until the matlabpool is closed and the resources are again available.

Do not open the matlabpool explicitly with "matlabpool open". Instead, submit your batch job using the syntax that allows you to specify the size of the matlabpool to use:

j1 = batch('myscript', 'matlabpool', 4);


I have try this method using my script .. but No Reaction . Long time Still waiting and Blank Screen only available. Finally I will close that window. What is actual problem madam? How to run the batch command. I am So confusion. Please clarify my doubt.

What version of MATLAB are you using? Are you able to successfully validate the cluster you want to submit the batch command to?

on 7 Nov 2014

That fixed it. Thanks!

Answer by Valentina Watts
on 19 Jun 2012

Jill, thank you. Your solution worked. I thought I had tried to run my batch file without matlabpool activation before, but I suppose I was mistaken.


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