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huda nawaf

how place array in table?

Asked by huda nawaf
on 20 Jun 2012

hi, i have array of numbers with large number of rows and columns ,when copy it to excel ,the excel trancate the long rows . i want to place the array in cells or table , not necessary in excel. if there is away to do that in matlam that is good thing.





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2 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 20 Jun 2012

Have you considered dlmwrite() ?


dlmwrite place comma , i want table
i.e places the numbers in table as excel

excel does not store its data in tables; it only displays it in tables.

Have you considered save() with the -ascii option?

Answer by Image Analyst
on 20 Jun 2012

What version of Excel do you have? Some earlier versions were limited to 256 columns and 16384 rows. If it did it correctly, how many rows and columns would you have? Have you tried xlswrite()?


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