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PreSaveFcn Callback

Asked by Adrian Dronca on 27 Jun 2012
Accepted Answer by TAB

I want to save the model with a different name and get the model name of the previous model.

For example I have a model named 'model_A' and change it to 'model_B'

I set the PreSaveFcn callback, but in this callback i get the name of the new model 'model_B'.

How do i get the information for the old model ? Do I have to use a different callback ?

Thanks in advance, Adrian.


1 Answer

Answer by TAB
on 27 Jun 2012
 Accepted answer

Store the current model name in a variable and then save it with other name.

OldName = bdroot; % ie model_A
save_system(OldName, 'model_B'); save with new name;


Adrian Dronca on 27 Jun 2012

yes :( you are right.

Do you know any callback function that is called right before the save ?

Maybe there are some workarounds I can use.

on 27 Jun 2012

You can do it by saving the model from a m-file as I suggested above.
Create your own Save As option in tool menu of the simulink GUI and call above code in the callback of that option.

Adrian Dronca on 27 Jun 2012

I will try it, sounds good. I will give my feedback afterwards

Thank you.

Edit: It is working, thanks for the info

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