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Ising model for 3D neighbours

Asked by Matteo Cacciola on 29 Jun 2012
Latest activity Commented on by 4 X 4
on 10 Mar 2015

Dear all first of all, thanks for your previous helps. Now I am facing the problem of modelling Ising, so the issue is to find the Heisenberg neighbours in a 3D matrix. Loosely speaking, I have a 3D matrix which values are all null except the nodes where I locate atoms randomly. The matrix can be seen as a lattice, where cubic (lattice) units are superimposed. Let's suppose to have NL cubic units per dimension of the lattice.

A simple cubic lattice is a NxNxN matrix, with N=NL+1, where each one of the node can be a possible location for atoms. A face-centered cubic lattice is a NxNxN 3D matrix, with N=2*NL+1, where possible locations of atoms are vertices of cubic units and the centers of the faces of each cube.

Now, let me suppose that I would analyse 3D Ising model, with periodic boundaries in the xy-plane and free boundaries in the z-axis. I found suitable code made by Dr. Tobin Fricke, but for 2D case (<>. He exploited circshift Matlab function. How could I extend that code for 3D simple cubic and face-centered cubic lattices, please?

Best regards Matteo


Sean de Wolski
on 29 Jun 2012

Sample inputs, sample code, etc help...

Also: circshift works in 3d too.

4 X 4
on 10 Mar 2015

Dear Matteo,

Hope you are fine.... Do you have matlab code for ising model ore heisenberg model for hysteresis loop and traiing effect.............. I want to verify my data of exchange bias, training effect etc................I will be grateful.........


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