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what are the System Requirements Need for my parallel program speed?

on 2 Jul 2012


Now I am using MDCS 8 workers, but I'm using two system only. I have start a 4 worker for as each system. But no improvement for my parallel program. What are the system and hardware requirements for need in my parallel job sir. I have no knowledge about hardware. So please any one answer my question.

Thank you so much.


You are forgetting the most important part: your program has to be written in a way that can benefit from parallel processing. This is more than just adding in PARFOR or SMPD statements: the amount of computation work to be done must be significant compared to the amount of memory to be transferred to each worker, or else running the code in parallel can end up being slower.


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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 2 Jul 2012

If matlabpool() will open a pool with more than one worker for you, then your hardware meets the requirements.

The hardware requirements are relatively simple: your CPU(s) must have multiple cores, or must hyperthread, or else you must have multiple CPUs.

You may also need up to 2 Gb of memory per worker.

These are the hardware requirements to use parallel processing, but meeting those requirements does not guarantee that you will be able to get any performance gain from parallel processing, no matter how cleverly you write your code in MATLAB. There are some kinds of problems that cannot gain any real advantage without specialized memory systems.


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