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MATLAB consuming Memory on MAC

Asked by Thomas
on 6 Jul 2012

The latest R2012a consumes Real memory on the MAC even if it is not doing anything and just left open. Right now my MATLAB is using up 3.81GB of the Real Mem and it has been open for 48 hours or so. I have to close MATLAB every few days and restart it to release the Memory otherwise my VM starts swapping like crazy.

I do not remember facing the same problems with the older versions.

Matlab Version R 2012a OSX -Lion 10.7.4

Anyone else face the same problem? Any solutions?


on 1 Aug 2012

I face this scenario only with R2012a and Mac OSX Mountain Lion 10.7.x I am currently testing the R2012b pre-release to see if the memory leak still occurs.

Same problem here I'm running Matlab 2012a on an iMac, and compared to the previous version R2011b I'm also observing some serious memory problems. Previously I got run multiple matlabs at the same time. Now it seems that each matlab process is just eating more and more memory without me creating any objects/variables.

My R2012a on MacBook Pro with Lion (_not_ Mountain Lion) has been open for about 20 days, and has a virtual size of less than 600 Mb.



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