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the cyclist

Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) compatibility

Asked by the cyclist
on 10 Jul 2012

I see from the platform roadmap ( ) that MATLAB R2012b is "anticipated to be" compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

Is there any more definitive word than that? I am currently using the pre-release version of R2012b (and will upgrade to the "real" release when it is available).

I would like to upgrade to Mountain Lion, but I will wait if I get sufficiently worried about MATLAB breaking.

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on 18 Aug 2012

hi, but in the pre-release version is required XQuartz also?

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Answer by Chetan Rawal
on 26 Jul 2012
 Accepted answer

Please review the following notice for MATLAB compatibility with Mountain Lion:


Answer by JF
on 11 Jul 2012

The issue isn't so much java as X11. Mountain lion drops X11 support. MathWorks has never bothered to make an osx version of matlab using native graphics frameworks. From here there are three ways forward: matlab on mac becomes even buggier being a kludge of the generic *nix version; MathWorks drops mac support or, hopefully, MathWorks joins the twenty first century and makes a mac specific version in cocoa.

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I thought R2012A was supposed to have had a lot of work on integration with OS-X ? Simulink still hadn't been done yet though.

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 11 Jul 2012

There is no certainty. Apple is the only company that could provide that certainty, but at least once in the past, they made a java security update to a release just two days before the official release, and (it was later discovered) that java security update broke MATLAB in some situations.

My recollection is that the announced changes for Mountain Lion included improved iCloud support, improved multi-media streaming performance, and (I think it was said) some desktop appearance tweaks. None of those should have any effect on MATLAB... but I don't know if Apple really learned the lesson about last minute "fixes".


Answer by Jose Daniel Lara on 28 Jul 2012

I am having serious issues with the GPU computing, it stopped working when I updated to mountain Lion, then I update the cuda driver to version 5 and not it won't recognize it

Error using gpuDevice (line 26) No supported GPU device was found on this computer. To learn more about supported GPU devices, see


Answer by Philippe
on 14 Aug 2012

I use the pre-version of matlab R2012b everyday on mac with mountain Lion for simulations in medical imaging. I have no problem.


Phillipe, are you using cuda driver version 5?

on 18 Aug 2012

hi, but in the pre-release version is required XQuartz also?

Answer by Léonard Roussel on 13 Dec 2012

Hi everyone,

I ingenuously upgraded to Mountain Lion and now there seems to be no way my MATLAB R2012a will work : The little MATLAB opening window shows, then desappears and that is all.

Have you guys managed to make it work ?

Any help will be much appreciated,



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Give <> a try. If that does not help, I recommend starting a new topic, and your question may lost down at the bottom of this general compatibility topic.

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