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error in 'isempty(x)' when x is in the class of dataset

Asked by Xiu
on 11 Jul 2012


I have problems using function isempty(x) when x is in the class of dataset. For example,

>> x=randn(100,10); >> xx=dataset(x); >> isempty(xx) ??? Reference to non-existent field 'nobs'.

Error in ==> dataset.isempty at 11 t = (a.nobs == 0) (a.nvars == 0);

I think this is because when I use 'dataset', only certain fields are created, which does not include the field 'nobs'. When isempty.m tries to locate this field, the error occurs. However, I am not sure how to solve this problem. Can anyone help me with this please?

Thanks in advance.


Not reproducing for me on 12a:

on 11 Jul 2012

I have figured the problem. I have additional toolbox in my matlab which contains another dataset.m file. Once I removed it, it is working perfectly fine. Thanks for all your helps.


Xiu, please write your comment as an answer and accept it to mark this question closed!


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1 Answer

Answer by Xiu
on 11 Jul 2012
 Accepted answer

I have figured out this problem. I have additional toolbox installed which overlaps the function dataset. Once I have it removed, everything is working fine.


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