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How Can I write the Exponent Values in normal way? what is the mean of 1.1033e+005?

on 13 Jul 2012


I have Run the program in two ways such as serial and parallel. I have got the result as Encoding time serial as 1.1033e+005 and parallel time as 1.8090+004. What the difference between that two values. how can I write the number in seconds?

3.1250e+004 ---serial


how can I write that values sir? what is diiference for e+004,e+005 and so on?

Please help me sir.



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1 Answer

Answer by Dmitry
on 13 Jul 2012
Edited by Walter Roberson
on 13 Jul 2012
 Accepted answer

e+004 means 10^4 = 10000.

3.1250e+004 = 3.1250*10^4 = 31250

2.8606e+003 = 2.8606*10^3 = 2860.6

I think time units is milliseconds.


Might just be seconds as well (i.e., parallel 47min, serial 8 hours). To display seconds, the easiest is to round (and get 2861 and 31250).

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