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How can I Read or get the Values one by one from matrix variable or array?

Asked by PRIYANGA on 13 Jul 2012

Sir or Madam,

I want to read the array variable one by one from array or matrix? How can i write the code? I want to calculate the Zero Element and Non Zero Element in the matrix?

I have use s=nnz(x);

but i want to get the values one by one and the compare and calculate the zero and nonzero element.

thank you sir/madam.




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2 Answers

Answer by TAB on 13 Jul 2012
Edited by TAB on 13 Jul 2012
Accepted answer
for x=1:length(YourMatrix)
  if YourMatrix(x)==0
    % Operation
  elseif  YourMatrix(x)~=0
    % Operation

But vectorization is always recommended in matlab programming instead of using loop whenever possible.

1 Comment

PRIYANGA on 13 Jul 2012

Ok sir thank you so much sir..

Answer by Sebastian Holmqvist on 13 Jul 2012
z_elem = nnz(nnz == 0)
nz_elem = nnz(nnz ~= 0)

Then do your calculations on each.

1 Comment

PRIYANGA on 13 Jul 2012

Ok sir thank you so much..

Sebastian Holmqvist

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