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kanchan kumari

how can i make the isotherm plot from excel data using MATLAB

Asked by kanchan kumari
on 18 Jul 2012

right now i m using FLIR camera by which i can get the single image data as well i can capture the whole video which is in .seq file.after that i export the data .by which i get the data in .csv file thn by using excel sheet i m able to convert the data points to .xls.but now i am facing prblm that how can i plot the data without having x,y coordinate only it shows the temperature reading(around 1lakh temp points are thr) to get isotherm it possible to draw in matlab plz help me if possible



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1 Answer

Answer by Grzegorz Knor
on 18 Jul 2012

Try function contour or imagesc.


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