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How to open an obsolete `cfit` file in 2012a?

Asked by LiTuX
on 18 Jul 2012

We know that the `cftool` has been changed in the new version of Matlab, it has been integrated to the `sftool`, and will save the session as `.sfit` file, which is not quite compatible with the earlier version of matlab.

Now I have some cfit files, of cause they are created by some earlier version. Can I use them within my 2012a? The sftool can NOT open it correctly, so how to open them? I need to know what was in them. Thanx.

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I need the answer to this same question. Anyone can help or at least say something if not possible at all.


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1 Answer

Answer by Tom Lane
on 24 May 2013

Type "help cftool" and look at the description of "cftool -v1".


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