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How to identify sampling frequency and the number of bits in a signal ?

Asked by Konstantinos

Konstantinos (view profile)

on 18 Jul 2012

Hi, I am importing a vibration signal in MATLAB.

I have no idea beforehand what the sampling frequency is and the number of bits in the signal. Is there any way to find out?

Thanks a lot.



Konstantinos (view profile)


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1 Answer

Answer by Star Strider

Star Strider (view profile)

on 18 Jul 2012

If your vibration signal is a single vector of amplitudes and you know nothing else about the system that generated them, there is probably no way to determine the sampling frequency. (If you have an associated time vector, the sampling period is obviously the difference between any two sampling times.) There is probably no way to know the precision the data were originally digitised with from the data you have.

1 Comment

Lisa Justin

Lisa Justin (view profile)

on 21 Aug 2012

Star Strider, how do i get the two sampling time. The time series i have gives different values if i choose any two columns in the array. please your answer will be appreciated

Star Strider

Star Strider (view profile)

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