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the cyclist

Group-specific predictors in nlmefit

Asked by the cyclist
on 26 Jul 2012

Does anyone have a simple example of estimating group-specific predictors (non-empty VFUN model parameter) for the nlmefit function?


1 Answer

Answer by Tom Lane
on 27 Jul 2012
 Accepted answer

If you are happy with a toy illustration rather than a realistic example, here's one. Set up some fake data following a linear model:

subject =  kron((1:6)',ones(4,1));   % 6 subjects measure at 4 times
time = kron(ones(6,1),(1:4)');
weight = [100 150 140 200 190 140]'; % weight of each subject
effect = [1 -1 0 -2 2 0]';           % a "random" effect of each subject
y = 5 + effect(subject) - time + .03*weight(subject) + randn(size(subject));

Fit a linear function of time and weight by including weight in the first input as a column. Since weight is measured only once per subject, we have to expand it to the right length.

model = @(phi,t) phi(1) + phi(2)*t(:,1) + phi(3)*t(:,2);
phi0 = [1 1 1];
[beta,PSI,stats,br] = nlmefit([time weight(subject)],y,subject,[],model,phi0,'reparam',1);

Now move weight to the separate V input where it does not have to be expanded to have one value per observation:

model = @(phi,t,v) phi(1) + phi(2)*t + phi(3)*v;
phi0 = [1 1 1];
[beta,PSI,stats,br] = nlmefit(time,y,subject,weight,model,phi0,'reparam',1);

  1 Comment

the cyclist
on 27 Jul 2012

Thanks, Tom. I often prefer toy examples to "real" examples, because it is easier to make the connection between the data and the output.

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