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sai vasavi

developing GUI using guide to interact with simulink model

Asked by sai vasavi
on 7 Aug 2012

Hi, I developed one model in simulink.Now i want to display those output values and also some intermediate values in gui while the model is simulating.And also I have to acknowledge the user if some functions are executing in simulink model like "so and so function is called and it is executing". Please can anyone help in doing the same.Please let me know if the question is not clear. Thanks in advance


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Answer by Kaustubha Govind
on 8 Aug 2012
 Accepted answer

You may want to follow the documentation for Accessing Block Data During Simulation for information on accessing block outputs during simulation.


You don't need to use S-functions. You can just follow the directions in the documentation that I linked. In fact there was another thread recently where the user was able to achieve a GUI update without using S-functions:

my understanding is unless you use s functions you'll be restricted to viewing signals about standard Simulink blocks.

Craig: Not sure what you mean by "you'll be restricted to viewing signals about standard Simulink blocks" - what exactly are you attempting to view then?

Answer by Babak
on 7 Aug 2012

You can trigger the GUI with its name (whatever name you saved it with) as long as the GUI's m-file and figure are in MATLAB path.


First, add the path of the m-file and figure fo the GUI to MATLAB's path if the GUI is not in your "current folder"

Second: to trigger the GUI, you can add a MATLAB Fcn block or any other Simulink block that you can write a piece of script in it...Another way is to develop an S-function which can be done with S-function builder.

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Hi Babak Thanks for your quick response.I am unable to understand your answer clearly.Please can you elaborate your answer.

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