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Hey I need the matalb code for reference point location of fingerprint..can someone help me??

Asked by Shruti
on 10 Aug 2012

Hey please help me

myemail address


Sorry yar walter for using the word urgent.


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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 20 Aug 2012


Sorry, no. I thought you were working on that face application anyway? Are you now also adding fingerprints to your project list?

sir the project i'm working on is "Efficient Multimodal Biometric Authentication Using Fast Fingerprint Verification and Enhanced Iris Features"..... thats why is asked questions on both..... if u could help me in finding the core point from the above code it would be great help..... thank u sir....

Image Analyst does not do fingerprint work. I can't say whether he ever did anything with fingerprints, but it has been clear that he does not work with fingerprints at this time, is not current in methods specific to fingerprints, and has numerous other things that he finds more interesting.

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