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How to deconvolute an image using a PSF of the eye?

Asked by Dushyanth
on 15 Aug 2012

hi, I'm working on my final year project, and my project is to blur and deblurr the image by using the PSF of the eye.

I calculated the spherical wave aberration of the eye, using the Pupil diameter and wavelengh, and to simulate the blur using imfilter, and PSF of the eye

Now, I'm unable to recover my original unblurred image.

Could may one help me how I could get back my original image using Deconvolution.




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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 15 Aug 2012

Did you look up deconvolution in the help? It's in there, if you have the Image Processing Toolbox. Or you could try wiener or wiener2().


on 15 Aug 2012

Well, I used wiener, i was not able to recover my original image!

Image Analyst
on 15 Aug 2012

Well it's either quantization error or you did something wrong. Whatever toolbox they're in, I don't have. Did you try deconvlucy() in the Image Processing Toolbox?

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