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Color image segmentation using K-Means

The Example for Color image segmentation which I was found here Here. In this example they have segmented the blue color. Is there any example to segment only the red color or green color?

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RGB color are referred as 1,2,3. where 3 stands for blue color. So, in the same code modify the value of 3 as 2 to get green color and change the value as 1 to get red color.



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Answer by Image Analyst
on 25 Aug 2012
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I think you don't understand how k-means works. You specify k. In the example they specified 3 because they thought there should be, or wanted to be, 3 classes. Those three classes were magenta, blue, and white for that particular image. For your image they might be something different, say yellow, green, and cyan - it all depends on the content of the image. If your image has only two main colors, red and green, then maybe you should specify a k of 2 and it will find those two colors. Feel free to upload your image to the website of your choice if you want us to look at it.


i have the same problem image is onion.png n i have to segment out 5 colors bt i didnt understand how to work on this

Can't you follow the example? Just change 3 to 5 and let it run. I can't try it because I don't have the Statistical Toolbox.

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